Patient Pathway & Feasibility

Our organization puts the patients first. By carefully reviewing the patient pathway, we understand where and how prospective study participants can encounter clinical trial information so that we can employ the best tactics to ensure these sources are aware of the study opportunity, ultimately enhancing the return on recruitment investments.

Optimizing the patient pathway

Improving and accelerating recruitment and retention, our team works closely with our clinical and medical experts to understand and document patient pathways, create study site profiles and validate protocols that reduce patient and caregiver burdens. Because without this, study teams and sites aren’t able to systematically identify the most strategic or “high yield”. This results in a shotgun approach to the deployment of recruitment campaigns, wasted time and effort, and, ultimately, very poor returns on the recruitment enhancement investments.

We use insights gathered from patient surveys, forums, focus groups and advocacy groups to inform our understanding of the patient pathway, and tailor our patient recruitment and retention strategies. We also partner with leading patient recruitment vendors and leverage AI tools to identify ideal patient cohorts and hotspots in trials for rare diseases and other new therapeutic spaces where patient finding is more complex.

Strategic feasibility studies and support

With experts worldwide, our dedicated feasibility team explores multiple scenarios to find the best mix of sites and patient populations that are right for your therapy and indication.

We examine datasets holistically, evaluating incidence and prevalence while analyzing the competitive landscape, historical benchmarking and input from subject matter experts to create a comprehensive view of the landscape for your trial.
To ensure the robustness of your feasibility study, we leverage the knowledge of our regional experts, their understanding of the regulatory environment, and relationships with local investigators and key opinion leaders.

Our Strategic Feasibility Overview Sheet, a proprietary document created by our team of experts, provides feedback on all clinical development variables including, but not limited to, recruitment rate benchmarking, epidemiology data, competitive analysis (both TA/Indication and internal site resources), internal and external experience, country and site optimization, protocol considerations, ideal site profile, patient pathway, startup/regulatory timelines, and potential site lists.

We use a range of additional tools to guide decisions and optimize cost and timelines without compromising data quality:

  • Electronic feasibility (eFeasibility) and tracking software
  • Dashboard for milestone reporting on a weekly basis
  • BioClinica CTMS
  • Clarity, our holistic eClinical technology platform

This also enables us to deliver tailored services at every stage of the lifecycle of your study – we collaborate with you as a strategic partner to your project, flexing to changes in protocols and your needs as we go.

For us, it’s personal. We’re invested in your success and proactively problem-solve based on our experience and insight, developing contingencies for recruitment to ensure your trial progresses.

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