Clinical Analytics

Success in the clinic relies on timely, clean data that you can analyze to make decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Our clinical analytics experts share knowledge and guide decisions to help you maximize your trial data — whether it’s quantitative, qualitative, or transactional — and gain access to real-time analytics across study phases in any therapeutic area, around the world.

It's all about data

Our biostatistics and statistical programming team use our industry-leading, automated, Clarity technology to maximize the value of your clinical research data and gain access to real-time analytics.

Together with our clinical data management group, we work to deliver efficient data collection and innovative data analysis solutions for quality insights that enable transformative research.

Biostatistical analytics

With an increased focus on research design and access to state-of-the-art data collection technologies, the drug discovery industry is building a foundation on evidence-based, data-driven insights.

Our team of biostatistics and statistical programmers provides you with the operational and strategic statistics needed for every aspect of drug development.


Our proprietary software, Clarity, simplifies your data collection providing EDC to CTMS to safety database integration through a continuous flow of integrated information and a secure, holistic view of your clinical study progress.

Clarity improves trial delivery through interoperability, helping you make more informed decisions, improve compliance, and identify issues faster. With Clarity, you will be able to see how your trial is progressing against plan and how your patient data is performing.

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Across every stage of your clinical journey, we’re by your side to help you advance through clinical trials to get your therapy to patients and help bring your science to life.

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