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Our people – and their passion – are at the core of what we do. With broad experience and deep expertise, our executive sponsors are engaged in our service delivery and accessible to you, working collaboratively to unlock the hidden potential in your science and deliver transformative trials.

Our executive sponsors

We know that our innovative knowledge delivers real transformation. Our executive sponsors are accessible and actively engaged in our services and transparent to our clients, working as one to unlock the hidden potential in your science and deliver transformative trials.

Dorota Poklonska

VP & Head, Global Study Start Up

My Why

As a M.D. in private practice I could help only some people, but as a clinical research expert I can help millions.

Hanna Wide

Vice President, Clinical Management

My Why

I love the work we’re doing because it brings possible medicines, and with that hope, to patients and families that might otherwise not have had any.

Anita Owen

Vice President & Head, Global Clinical Monitoring

My Why

Drug development can be made more efficient by taking a more modern approach to monitoring clinical data and focusing on what’s important for each individual trial. And that means we can bring medicines to patients who need them faster.

Gonzalo Rubio

Vice President, Medical Affairs, Medical Oncology Team Lead (ROW)

My Why

What I do every day helps patients by advancing novel drug treatments for cancer, taking us ever closer to a cure.

Sharon Moore

Chief Medical Officer

My Why

Clinical research is vital to bringing safer and more effective medicines to patients.  As we learn more about diseases and their progression, our work is never finished but must continue with rigor and compassion to help others.

Steve Benjamin

Vice President, Biometrics

My Why

The work we do in Biostatistics and Biometrics is important to the analysis and conclusions for clinical studies, helping with decisions on key solutions for major health issues.

Linda Talley

Sr. Vice President Global Clinical Data Management, Clinical Programming and RBQM

My Why

I approach everyday with the urgency that we are working to bring the next life-saving/life-changing therapy to the patients who are waiting. We have the knowledge and ability to improve people lives!

Gaurav Sharma

President, Project Delivery

My Why

We help patients to get access to the most innovative and cutting-edge treatments in areas of unmet medical need, which can change their lives.

Carmen Stiles

Vice President, Portfolio & Alliance Management

My Why

We support the development of ground-breaking therapies to patient populations, including my son, who now has a new outlook on life after being involved in a clinical trial.

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